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Logo of Chef & the Builder, chef hat outlined in black with whisk and hammer crossed in red and then a red hard hat

Chefs Table Tuttobene

Chef and the Builder


Neapolitan Gourmet Brick Oven


Pizza seems to be everyone’s favorite food. My brick oven pizza is crafted with the same love and attention as are all the items served in my restaurant. Come dine in elegance and enjoy your favorite food.


Chef June's brick oven pizza topped with prosciutto and greens
Chef June's brick oven pizza topped with artichokes
Chef June's brick oven pizza topped with squash and zucchini


separator Chef June was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in an Italian family, where she developed her love of cooking from her grandmother and father. Today, that love of cooking is reflected  in each culinary creation Chef June meticulously creates for her guests.

Chef June pictured with her husband, Greg


The Builder

separator Greg, husband of Chef June, has been a builder by trade for over 30 years. As a young man, Greg worked in several pizzerias, but it is his wife’s passion that has pulled him into her world of cooking. Greg is now the pizzaiolo of Chefs Table Clinton, operating its custom brick oven.

Pictures of Chef June's pots of meatballs

Pots Of Meatballs


The meatballs at my restaurant are made in various ways. Traditional and yet creatively enhanced by pairing the freshest ingredients to delight even the most discerning of palets.


Chalkboard Specials


What’s for dinner? My specials are usually different every week and can include soups, salads, and unique entrees. No time to cook? Bring your family back to the table at Chefs Table Clinton.


A picture of a soup Chef June made as one of her Chalkboard Specials

Experience real home-cooked Italian cuisine made with love … 

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